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How to build a shed base laying concrete slabs

If you need to lay a shed base for your garden shed, then using concrete slabs is a great option. Laying slabs as a shed base is not always straightforward, so heres a little guide to help you out.

Site Your Garden Shed

Before you start laying your shed base, you need to plan where to put your shed. You should choose a site where you can access all the way round, for when you build your shed, and for maintaining your shed throughout the year. Be aware of trees, hedges etc around the shed site, as these can potentially overhang your garden shed, and deposit wet leaves and bugs, increasing the risk of damage to your shed.

Another factor to consider when siting your shed base is the amount of natural light. This especially important if you are erecting a greenhouse or a summerhouse, as you will obviously prefer it to receive plenty of natural sunlight. If you are siting a summerhouse, also consider the view from inside the summerhouse, as you will obviously want to be able to see and enjoy your garden!

What You Will Need

  • Paving slabs
  • Small Pegs
  • String
  • Sharp sand and concrete
  • Spade
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Rubber mallet

Laying the Shed Base

Once you have decided on the best site to lay your shed base, use pegs and string to mark out the area of the base of the shed. Remember to lay a shed base at least one foot bigger on all sides than your shed base.

Once you have pegged out the shed base area, dig down to a depth of around 6-7cm, and level the area.

Now mix one part cement with eight parts building sand to create your mix, and spade this evenly into the area that you have dug. Level out the mix, and, starting from a corner, start to lay your slabs.

You should use a rubber mallet to tap your slabs into the place, and a spirit level to make sure that they are level.
Once you have finished laying the slabs, use a long straight edge to check that your shed base is level, including checking diagonally to make sure your shed base is square.

Now you can brush away any excess sand or concrete mix, and leave yourself with a strong, firm and level concrete slab shed base.

Written by Bill

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